Maitland on the Yorke Peninsula South Australia, is considered by some to be in the “heart of the Yorke Peninsula”. This site has been created to explore and discover Maitland, to find and identify its relationship to the rest of the peninsula.

Gateway refers to this website and the information it provides about Maitland, it also refers to Maitland itself being a gateway to the rest of the peninsula, and lastly to the progress, development and advancement of Maitland into the future.

Unfortunately in the map below Maitland is not Significant enough to display. Kadina is the more significant town in the region. Though Kadina is in the Copper Coast Council area whilst Maitland is in the Yorke Peninsula Council

In the map below can see the Spencer Highway going through the centre of town: the communities main shopping precinct. It is this highway that makes the town more of a gateway, than a place to visit or stay: and an important issue to investigate.

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